Balloon Ideas To Get Your Party to Pop

Balloon Ideas To Get Your Party to Pop

Balloons are always a "pop"ular choice for party decorations.

In fact, balloons have been around for more than 100 years!

But we've all attended those parties that have been decorated unimaginatively with random balloons bunched in each corner. Those kinds of decorations can leave you feeling deflated...

But party balloons don't need to be like that!

With a little imagination and the right inspiration, you can make your party decorations a huge success. Keep reading for some great ideas.

Party Balloons Inspiration

Decorating with balloons can be classy, cute and even funky.

Read on for some awesome inspiration.

Balloon Decor

Balloon arches are an impressive addition to any homecoming, wedding or birthday bash. If an arch seems like too much, a few columns decorating the room will look just as classic.

A balloon wall also creates a spectacular look. Filling a whole wall with balloons will definitely give that wow factor you're looking for.

Whether you hire a professional photographer or not, all of these options can make awesome backdrops for photo opportunities.


Why settle for generic when balloons can be personalized?

For a business event, your logo can be used, which can act as a promotion and a decoration at the same time.

If you're celebrating an anniversary or birthday, numbers are essential. Is it your 25th wedding anniversary? That can be printed on a balloon!

Names, messages, and photos can also be printed on the balloon, this is especially cool if it's a surprise party!

Shapes and Sizes

Balloons can come in all different shapes and sizes.

Extra large balloons are great, especially if your venue is big. But smaller balloons can be a cute addition to your party at home. A variety of small and large balloons mixed together make great floating centerpieces for tables.

Balloons can be sculpted into a variety of shapes. For example, a palm tree for a tropical themed party, or even shaped into a bride and groom for a wedding reception!

Choosing the right colors are essential to matching the overall theme of a party. Balloons can be in all matching colors or can be a variety of random colors to create a rainbow! Balloons can also come with effects such as a marble style coloring.

Balloons can also have surprised inside, such as glitter, confetti, or even another balloon. You can even have balloons with hidden confetti inside that reveals the gender of your baby!

Glow in the dark balloons can look super cool for a nighttime party, with mini led light bulbs inside giving your party that neon effect all night long!

DIY Ideas

Sometimes buying a few helium-filled balloons is enough...but you can spice them up with some DIY ideas.

Hang photos from the string of helium balloons. This is great if you're celebrating a wedding, anniversary or some kind of achievement.

Dip the balloons in glue and sprinkle them with glitter for a fabulous sparkly look. Or splatter them with metallic paint for some added glamour.

Wrap artificial flowers to the bottom of the balloon. Or add a cardboard cone to make the balloons resemble ice creams!

Or simply string the balloons together creating a simple arch effect.

There is no limit to what you can do with a few simple balloons!

Get Your Party to Pop!

As you can see, balloons don't have to be boring.

With a little extra imagination, your party balloons can be a work of art.

If you really want that wow effect, check out our range of balloons, we can make your party one that will never be forgotten!

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